Inergy Solar
We believe that Inergy makes the best portable solar generators and kits on the market.

The Inergy Kodiak has now been rebranded and upgraded as the Apex. It's called the Apex for a reason. We believe it is the best portable solar generator on the market today. We challenge you to find something better!

The Inergy Apex weighs only 25 lbs - much less than the competition yet has provides 1100 watts of power. And unlike noisy propanegenerators, the K2's lithium battery can be used indoors.

The Apex is great for: camping and RV-ing, outages, emergencies, survival prepping, and remote housing.

Choose from various kits with different quantities of solar panels. Now available with rigid Solar Storm or semi-flexible Linx panels.

Individual panels:

Not sure which cables or accessories you need? Click here for an overview of Inergy Accessories

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