Inergy Kodiak / Apex and Kits FAQ

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Inergy Kodiak / Apex and Kits FAQ

Most of the Kodiak FAQ applies to the Apex. However, some accessories have been updated.

Is the Kodiak battery replaceable?

Yes, however it has to be done by Inergy. Opening your Kodiak will void your warranty.

Can you add external batteries to the Kodiak?

Yes, you can add external batteries via the external battery bank posts. Please refer to the user manual for more details. 

Can I use the Kodiak while it is charging?


What can I run with the Kodiak and for how long?

You can run anything that you can plug into the wall that draws less than than 1100 Watts or 10 Amps at 110 VAC. Examples include: a refrigerator, freezer, TV, stereo, lights, microwave, grinder, mixer, blender, cell phones, computer, tablet, RV, trailer, tiny home, cabin, and so much more. Please go to our website to view the full spec sheet for the kodiak with an extended list of what you can run and for how long. Adding solar panels will extend your run times. The right sized solar panel system and external battery bank attached to your Kodiak could give you an unrestricted run time experience.

What are the meters on the Kodiak telling me?

The Kodiak has 2 meters. The colorful dot meter beneath the power button tells you how much charge remains on the battery. Blue means fully charged; red means almost out of power. The LCD meter to the left of the power button tells you how much current (in Amps) you are using (upper left reading), what the system voltage is at that moment (upper right reading), and how much power (in Watts) you are using (lower right reading), all in real time. The reading in the lower left corner displays accumulated data on your power use, which rotates through accumulated, Watts, Power, Current and the lowest Voltage while running.

Where can I find product manuals?

Click here for the Kodiak User Guide.

Will the Kodiak power my electric stove, air conditioner, furnace, hot water heater electric dryer?

If these appliances are electric, the Kodiak will not power them. The Kodiak only discharges 110 VAC. These Appliances use 220 VAC. The Kodiak can handle a load of up to 1500 Watts AC or DC. These electric appliances require much more power than the Kodiak is designed to deliver. On the other hand, gas appliances require much less power, because heat is generated by burning the gas. You only need electricity to turn on the timers, igniters, safeties and interlocks in the appliance so that the gas can turn on. Once the gas can turn on, you can use the appliance.

What type of AC Inverter is built into the Kodiak?

1,500 Watt Pure Sine Wave. Max output of 3,000 Watts.

What is the expected lifespan of the Kodiak battery?

2,000 cycles or 10 years.

How long will the battery hold its charge?

The battery will hold a charger for up to a year. We recommend taking the battery out of storage every three months to top off the charger. (do not leave the unit plugged in during storage)

Can the Kodiak power my entire home?

No. The Kodiak system is designed to power individual appliances and devices rather than plugging into the home’s breaker panel directly. For instance, electric dryers, ovens, stoves, and water heaters all exceed the Kodiak’s ability. However, gas ovens, stoves, dryers, and water heaters can be powered using the Kodiak – provided they have a standard 110 VAC wall plug.

Is there a way to charge the Kodiak in my car?

Yes. We have an optional car charger. It plugs into your vehicles cigarette lighter socket and the other end plugs in the high current charge port on the Kodiak. We suggest that you only use this charging method when your car is running.

Important NoteCar charger requires 20 amp wiring and fuse in your vehicle. 

What comes with the Kodiak?

Aside from the generator itself, an AC charger, shoulder strap and user guide.

Kits come with solar panels and the necessary cables, along with the Apex generator, AC charger, shoulder strap, and user guide.

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