Preparing for the Humless Universal 10, 20, or 30+

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Preparing for the Humless Universal 10, 20, or 30+

Introducing the Humless Universal

The Humless Universal allows your home or business run on 100% renewable energy. Enjoy power independence and security. Live in a remote area? We’ve built our systems with industry leading lithium batteries and high quality inverters and components to ensure the system has the longest life possible.

The energy storage industry has been plagued with systems that work well for one application but don't work at all for another. Humless has built an intelligent system that can manage everything under the sun from retrofitting to existing solar arrays, to storing power for large off grid commercial businesses, to providing power during outages. No matter how complex your power needs are, the Humless Universal will work for you.

How to Purchase a Humless Universal 10, 20, or 30+

The Universal 10 KWH, 20 KWH, and 30 to 200 KWH are available to order without an indefinite wait list. The lead time is about 4 to 6 weeks. Do you need a custom configuration from 40+ KWH to 200 KWH? No problem. Contact us.

We know the Humless Universal is an unusual product because it is a long term investment and requires a bit of pre planning. To ease the process, please:

  • See our Product Brochure for a Watts Guide, a Watts Worksheet, an Installation Guide**, and Specifications.
  • Call or email us if you have any questions.
  • A purchase of the Humless 30 or above requires a complimentary call with Humless, because we want to make sure the product is customized for your needs.
  • You will need a certified electrician and 2-4 strong helpers.


If you need financing, we now offer it through lightstream.

4 Hour Installation Process*

1. Prepare. Work with a certified electrician to pick an ideal location and determine what specific electrical needs you may have. See the Universal Product Brochure and complete the watts worksheet.

2. Clear a Path. Clear a pathway from the truck to the installation spot. Make sure there is proper clearance through door ways, down stairs, and around corners.

3. Place Humless. This is the most labor intensive part of the install. Plan for strong helpers to do the heavy lifting. We suggest 2-4 people when lifting the Humless Universal.

4. Wire it Up**. Now comes the easy part. Simply connect the input and output cables. Once that is complete test the system and ensure everything is working.

NOTE: Only use a certified electrician for installation** of Humless devices. Warranty will be void if installation is not performed by a certified electrician. 

Humless Universal 4 Hour Installation

Why Buy the Universal from Tiny Houses and Solar?

  • We are authorized dealers for Humless.
  • We can give you the best price, even compared to Humless. See why below.
  • Because we are authorized dealers, you will receive the Humless' full warranty: 5 years for components, 10 years for batteries.
  • We can answer your questions by email or by phone.
  • We can arrange for a complimentary call with Humless (serious inquiries only). If you purchase the Universal 30 or storage sizes above 30, you will receive a free complimentary call with Humless to make sure the product is customized for your needs.
  • We can custom configure capacities above 30 KWH. Contact us today by email or phone.

Why Are Our Prices the Lowest?

Companies like Humless prefer to focus on creating the best products, leaving customer service to authorized retailers. As authorized dealers we can give you the best price on Humless and other renewable energy products. If you find a better price anywhere, contact us and we can beat it.