3 Essentials When The Power Goes Out

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3 Essentials When The Power Goes Out

If Something Does Happen To You, Be Aware Of The Following...

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Every city, town, and valley is different. Every area has its unique opportunities, but also its unique threats. For some, the likelihood of an earthquake is extremely high. For others, heavy winters cause delays and outages just as devastating as an earthquake would cause. There are many reasons you could lose power, but howit happened will be the least of your concerns if the occasion actually arises.

Power could be out for weeks.

That the power will go out during a crisis is a well-known fact. Depending on the extent of the damage, power could be out for weeks or even months. The difficult truth is that you cannot anticipate how long it will last.

You cannot use a gas generator indoors.

According to the CDC, you should keep your gas generators and grills at least 20 feet from your home. Carbon monoxide poisoning is the culprit in over 400 American deaths per year. During a disaster, many people opt to bring their generators inside for convenience in using their household electronics and appliances. This is extremely deadly. Under no circumstances should you use a gas generator or grill inside your home.

Your refrigerated food can only last a few hours.

After only a few hours, your food in the freezer or refrigerator will need to be thrown out. This means you will need a good supply of non-perishable food to keep yourself sustained until progress is made. The CDC has specific information about how long your food will last.

With so many variables in a disaster, it’s hard to prepare for everything. But whatever you can do will help you be that much moreprepared than if you hadn’t done anything.

As mentioned above, the CDC has vast resources addressing emergency preparedness. Your city and state governments should also have websites to help educate you on potential disasters that are specific to your area, and how best to prepare for them.  

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